About us

CRM Boutique is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 community website focusing on helping the Dynamics CRM community in various ways. CRM Boutique is the home of the Free Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mentoring Programme; Dynamics 365 CRM resources, whitepapers, articles, presentation and training material; Microsoft Dynamics social and events forum for general Dynamics related discussions, events and conferences.


Our Team


Mohamed Mostafa

Mohamed Mostafa: Mohamed is the owner of CRM Boutique. He has been working with Dynamics 365 since Dynamics CRM v1.2. He focuses on helping clients achieve their Dynamics Programmes objectivews and get the best out of the Dynamics platform.

Mohamed is an active Mentor in CRM Boutique.

Andrew Bibby

Andrew Bibby: Andrew is a sesoned Dynamics expert. he enjoys helping companies succeed with Dynamics CRM & Dynamics 365. His main focus is on the implementation of Dynamics CRM solutions. He specialises in interpreting complex requirements into functional and technical specifications that underpin the design of successful business solutions.

Andrew is an active Mentor in CRM Boutique.

Neil Parkhurst

Neil Parkhurst: Neil is a Microsoft Dynamics MVP and a Functional Consultant / IT Manager / Project Manager with 25+ years IT experience. Neil has extensive experience of Microsoft Dynamics CRM both from functional and business / commercial side.

Neil is an active Mentor in CRM Boutique.

David Robertson

David Robertson: is Dynamics CRM Administrator. Before his current role, David was apprentice of the year at Microsoft.

David is a CRM Boutique forum moderator, Author / content contributor as well as being a Mentee himself.


CRM Boutique is owned and operated by Mohamed Mostafa with the help and support of several members of the Dynamics 365 community. Please use the contact us page to get in touch or alternatively you can reach out directly to Mohamed on his blog if you want to discuss anything directly with him.