Getting help with Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM solution problems and issues
I have been asked few times about how to get help from Microsoft on issues and problems with Dynamics 365 CRM. I have also been asked how to get an official Microsoft support case raised and how to get an official Microsoft response to an issue.
Basic elements of Dynamics CRM (By David Robertson)
If you have just started working with Dynamics 365, or you’re about to, you’ve probably realised just how much functionality there is out of box and although there is a lot of information on the web, there isn’t really a central place to learn about Dynamics CRM, except for the Dynamics learning portal (DLP).
Free Dynamics 365 Accelerate programme for All Microsoft Dynamics Partners
For all Dynamics partners, Microsoft is offering a free training program to on-board new consultants and developers in your practice called Dynamics 365 Accelerate. The training program gets professionals ready for certification and project implementation after a 30 to 45 days’ cycle where professionals learn the best practices of implementation thru case studies and a sandbox environment.
Gaining access to Dynamics Learning Portal: Essential Dynamics 365 Learning & Study material – Part 3
In the past 2 articles, I discussed some of the basics for learning Microsoft Dynamics 365 including an Introduction to Learning Dynamics 365, setting up trial Dynamics 365 Online instances and Creating your Learning Plans in Dynamics Learning Portal
Introduction to basic and essential Dynamics 365 Learning & Studying material and content – Part 2
This is the second article of my series on the introduction and first steps to study and learn Dynamics 365 if you are new to the technology and platform. If you have missed the first post, then I suggest you read it first please to ensure you keep up with the flow.
Introduction & First steps to Learning Microsoft Dynamics 365 for those who want to move to the Dynamics Domain & Market
This is my first post in a series of articles I’ll be publishing to help new comers into the Dynamics 365 domain learn the technology and the platform to become Dynamics 365 consultants, developers and Architects. This series is aimed at graduates looking to study and learn Dynamics 365 so they can become consultants or analysts in this striving and growing market. It is also aimed at other IT consultants who are moving into Dynamics 365 from other CRM and ERP platforms such as SAP, Oracle, SalesForce, etc. The series might also be helpful to junior consultants at the early stages of their career in Dynamics 365.
Strategic Business and Technical Considerations for Cloud Dynamics CRM Online Deployments vs On-premise
This article is a follow up after a number of #MSDyn365 (Dynamics CRM) conference sessions where I talked about this topic. The presentation slides from the session are at the bottom of my equivalent post on my blog and I will be publishing a white paper with more details soon. Please comment below if you want a copy. This post builds on experiences (plus pains) and lessons learnt during a number of number of large scale multi-thousand users Dynamics CRM Online implementations taking into account data protection, compliance, regulatory issues and strategic considerations.