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Mentors & Mentees to introduce themselves

one year ago
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[quote=Christos]How can I start learning the software? Is there any project going on, where I can help for free?

HI Christos,

There is a few  blog posts by Mohamed which you might find useful, the first in a series is this one.

On the second blog post in this series he talks about the Dynamics learning  portal,(DLP) which is Microsoft’s provided  training and in the 3rd he talks about the potential ways you can gain access.

There are also some guides on this site that can be found here http://crm.boutique/msdyn365-dynamics-365-guides-documentation

Also keep an eye out more blog posts on learning Dynamics 365 are coming soon
one year ago
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Hello Mohammad and Guys,

I am recently learning Dynamics CRM 365 by myself and I already have a very broad experience in Dot Net .
In order to boost my understanding for CRM, I need to get my hands dirty in working on fictitious project . So may you suggest a project CRM that involves both the customization and development skill to be done onMS CRM?
one year ago
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Interesting idea Tarek. I'll leave it to other people on the forum to suggest a project idea but if I were you I would either look at a business problem around me that I can solve using Dynamics 365 and implement it. You can even look at a legacy/old system or a solution that you are familiar with and try to recreate it in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Finally, I would strongly advice you considering a work experience role. i.e. Offer a company your time to help them with their project in return for getting the experience. A local company where you can physically work at and rub shoulders with more experienced consultants will be ideal in my view.

I hope this helps and let us know what you did at the end.
one year ago
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Hi, I am Eatsam from Leeds. I work as an Office Manager at Citizens Advice Chapeltown Leeds. My diverse role includes Administration of MS Dynamics CRM, IT support and general office management. I am very keen to learn MS Dynamics in more details and develop my Career in CRM. I hope CRM.botique will give support and guidance to Mentenees like myself on career development in Dynamics CRM
one year ago
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Hi Eatsam,

Good to have you onboard.

one year ago
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Hi All,

I'm Ana, I started out as a developer and moved to Dynamics CRM 4 years ago. During this time, I've been involved in all aspects of crm programmes, on various CRM versions (3, 4, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, Dynamics 365).

I am currently a Lead CRM Developer and as I am getting more and more responsibilities as well as gaining more confidence, I feel the need to stay connected and be more involved in the Dynamics community.


one year ago
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Hi Ana,

Great to have you onboard. I agree with you about staying connected within the Dynamics 365 CRM community. There are lots of benefits for this including the free events and training as well as the Mentoring programme we have here at CRM Boutique.

Stay active and stay in touch!

All the best,