Property & Housing UG

Introducing Dynamics 365 for Property & Housing User Group

I am very happy to announce that we have started a new Dynamics 365 for Property & Housing User group focusing on helping Dynamics 365 Users, Administrators and CRM Managers share their experiences, knowledge and learn back from the Dynamics 365 Community with the sole focus on the Housing and Property Market.

The Housing and Property Market is a significant market in the UK as well as in Europe and the United States. At the same time, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a leading technology platform in this industry and the Property and Housing domain.

For this reason, a group of Housing and Property Industry leads and a number of Dynamics 365 experts, who focus on this industry, have come together to form this Dynamics CRM User Group. The group aims to share experiences and knowledge between its members through a number of regular meetups and events across the whole year.

We currently have a committee with CRM Managers and Dynamics 365 experts from a number of UK Housing Associations and Private Sector Property Market.

We are also planning a Dynamics 365 event dedicated for the Property & Housing Market in the UK.

This User Group is free and open for all. If you are interested in joining this user group, attend its events or if you want to join the group managing committee, please contact us or contact Mohamed Mostafa directly on LinkedIn or his blog: