Mentoring Introduction

Have you ever felt that you need a career advice, guidance on learning resources or an expert opinion on which direction to take with your Dynamics 365 career?

As a way to give back to the Microsoft Dynamics Community, myself and few other Dynamics 365 veterans are starting a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mentoring programme to help individuals move into the Dynamics 365 market and grow their skills and experience in this domain. Microsoft Dynamics 365 (or Dynamics CRM until recently) is a rising star in the Cloud Technology market and is becoming more and more prominent amongst Digital Transformation Platforms. For more than 12 years Microsoft has been investing in the Dynamics platform and growing its market share regularly every year.

There are currently lots of opportunities for aspiring and proactive individuals who want to move into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM and ERP) domain. You may be a fresh/recent graduate, IT enthusiast or a consultant who has been focusing on other CRM or ERP technology platforms (such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Sage, etc.) and you want to move to Dynamics 365 market and get a job in this field. If this is the case, this Dynamics 365 mentoring programme is especially designed for you. A number of Dynamics 365 industry leaders who have been working in this domain for more than 12 years in some cases, are happy to help and guide you, free of charge. Mentoring is a rewarding experience for both the mentee but also the mentor. Mentoring will be done remotely over a Skype call, emails, etc. or in some cases, a face to face meeting in a public café may be an option at a later stage.

At a high level, Mentors will be able to provide Mentees with the following:

  • Career advice on which graduate programmes, job opportunities or career path to pursue in the Dynamics 365 domain.
  • Learning advice. For example: Which sections of the Dynamics 365 Technology Platform are key to focus on or have shortage of consultants, etc.
  • Give Mentees Pointers towards resources for Dynamics 365 learning and development.

What the mentoring programme does NOT provide is:

  • Provide Technical or Functional advice or questions on how to build a solution or resolve a problem – please use Dynamics forums to ask these questions.
  • A way to ask Mentors for jobs in their companies. They will let you know if they have an opportunity for you but please don’t use the programme as a way to ask for a job.
  • This is not a free Dynamics 365 Training opportunity. This is a free career advice and mentoring provided by experienced consultants as a way to give back to the community.

The programme is currently only available for mentees currently residing in the UK who are interested to move into the Dynamics 365 CRM UK market and industry domain. Free resources and guidance on available training is provided as part of the programme.


To join the programme, please register free with CRM Boutique