Programme Approach

The programme is just a framework to introduce Mentees looking for career advice to Mentors willing to help as a way to give back to the Dynamics 365 community.

Please note that the programme is not intended to provide free consultancy, free training or for recruitment. It is for career advice and providing learning resources that help Mentees move to or develop in the Dynamics 365 domain.

As the programme is just a framework to introduce Mentees to Mentors, the following is a proposed approach to both Mentors and Mentees. However, Mentors and Mentees can agree together on a different approach such as changing frequency and length of their meeting or the channel they use for their session.

Our proposed approach can be summarised in the following steps:

1)      The programme will introduce each Mentee with their allocated Mentor by email.

2)      The Mentee will be responsible to connect to the Mentor using the same email to initiate the process and introduce themselves.

3)      Mentee and Mentor should then share their Skype names and agree a time for their first Skype Introduction call.

4)      To ensure focus and limit the commitment from both parties, each call should be strictly kept between 30 – 45 minutes. This also ensures an organised and pragmatic agenda covering specific agenda points to discuss on the call.

5)      Mentoring calls should be held once every two weeks to minimise the impact and time commitment. Please also note that some Mentors may have multiple Mentees, so please be considerate around using Mentors’ time.

As discussed, frequency and length of each call is a recommended approach only but can be changed to whatever the Mentor and Mentee agree on.


For Mentees, please use your Mentor’s time wisely. The programme is for you to utilise for your career benefit but please consider that it is a free programme run by volunteers and that Mentors are doing this to give back to the community, nothing else. Hence, Please prepare a set of clear and specific questions about career progression and learning and self-development resources before each mentoring call. In case of any issues, please contact the programme management.


For Mentors, please always give impartial objective advice with only the Mentee’s interest in mind. If you feel there is any conflict of interest with a specific Mentee, please contact the programme to see if there is a way to change Mentee/Mentor.


Examples of points of discussions and questions asked by Mentees to Mentors during calls:

  1. I have an IT background but no Dynamics 365 experience, how can I move to the field? Should this be through a graduate programme or a conversion training similar to these provided by Microsoft for professionals from other Technology background?
  2. I have basic understanding of Dynamics 365 but I want to gain more knowledge in Dynamics 365 development/delivery/functional/features, what approach should I take to gain this deep experience and knowledge?
  3. What resources are available from Microsoft or the wider Dynamics community to learn Technical/Functional Dynamics 365 ..?
  4. I have an offer from Microsoft Partner X, Microsoft Partner Y and Client Z? Each offer promises the xxxx training/learning/hands on experience. Which one should I choose if I want to be xxxx ?
  5. I heard that Dynamics Marketing module is being phased out, is this true? What should I do if my experience is focused on this area only? How can I cross train to other Functional areas of Dynamics 365?
  6. Is Module xxxx in Dynamics 365 a good one to focus my experience on? Which areas of Dynamics 365 would I have better opportunity finding a job in?


These are just examples of some questions that can be asked by Mentees to Mentors but feel free to expand on them or add more that you find relevant.


Please remember that the mentoring programme is not a way to get Free Dynamics 365 Training, Technical or Functional question/answer or help with technical/functional work tasks, nor it is a way to ask for employment from your Mentor.


Good luck. Any questions please get in touch through the contact us page. To join the programme, please register free with CRM Boutique