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  • 02 April 2017 17:27
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[quote=Christos]How can I start learning the software? Is there any project going on, where I can help for free?

HI Christos,

There is a few  blog posts by Mohamed which you might find useful, the first in a series is this one.

On the second blog post in this series he talks about the Dynamics learning  portal,(DLP) which is Microsoft’s provided  training and in the 3rd he talks about the potential ways you can gain access.

There are also some guides on this site that can be found here

Also keep an eye out more blog posts on learning Dynamics 365 are coming soon

2 years ago

Hi everyone, I’m David and I have joined this program as a mentee.

I’ve just recently started a role as a Dynamics CRM administrator however I have not worked with Dynamics CRM since I was a Microsoft apprentice a few years back. During my time as an apprentice I won Microsoft apprentice of the year.

My goals from this programme and CRM boutique is to get expert advice on my Dynamics CRM career, guidance on where to find high quality learning materials and also to meet fellow Dynamics CRM enthusiasts.

2 years ago