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  • 26 March 2017 11:14

Hi Ana,

Great to have you onboard. I agree with you about staying connected within the Dynamics 365 CRM community. There are lots of benefits for this including the free events and training as well as the Mentoring programme we have here at CRM Boutique.

Stay active and stay in touch!

All the best,

one year ago

Hi Eatsam,

Good to have you onboard.

one year ago

Interesting idea Tarek. I'll leave it to other people on the forum to suggest a project idea but if I were you I would either look at a business problem around me that I can solve using Dynamics 365 and implement it. You can even look at a legacy/old system or a solution that you are familiar with and try to recreate it in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Finally, I would strongly advice you considering a work experience role. i.e. Offer a company your time to help them with their project in return for getting the experience. A local company where you can physically work at and rub shoulders with more experienced consultants will be ideal in my view.

I hope this helps and let us know what you did at the end.

one year ago

I think it is exciting times. I know there is a lot of re-branding part of this but overall there is a genuine Microsoft drive to bring ERP closer to CRM. Dynamics CRM would benefit a lot from Nav finance capabilities and even better if we can get some strong integration between the two.

one year ago

Sounds great. How are you finding the rebranding into the new Dynamics for Financials / Business edition?

one year ago

Hi Christos,

Great to have you onboard. Tell us a bit about your experience. Are you new to Dynamics CRM?

one year ago